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INSIDDE, an example of "success stories"


Last 10 June 2013, the Enterprise Europe Network published on its website a new success story focused on how Treelogic and the Regionalen Istoricheski Muzei Stara Zagora met prior to the submission of the proposal in April 2012. Thanks to Ms. Inés Rey Hidalgo (Fundación para el Fomento en Asturias de la Investigación Científica Aplicada y la Tecnología [1]) and Mr. Evgeny Kossev ([2]) a good relationship between both entities has been established and now we work together to achieve the goals pursued by INSIDDE and all the other partners involved in this exciting FP7 project.

See it at http://een.ec.europa.eu/success-stories/bringing-ancient-art-life




[1] http://www.ficyt.es

[2] http://www.chambersz.com/