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INSIDDE attends a webinar organised by Maxiculture


Today, Thursday 13 June 2013, the INSIDDE project, represented by the coordinator (Treelogic) and the leader of work package 6 "Exploitation and dissemination" (Regionalen Istoricheski Muzei Stara Zagora), has participated in the webinar organised by Maxiculture to present this Coordination and Support Action (CSA) and the methodology/indicators for self-assessing the socio-economic impact of ICT research project. We will keep on collaborating during 2013 and 2014.

Maxiculture [1] "helps in maximising the impact of FP7 ICT research impact on access to cultural heritage". Eurokleis leads this  two-year project that started in January 2013. The consortium is also made of other three partners: T6 (Italy), IN2 (United Kingdom) and Vandejong (The Netherlands).




[1] http://www.maxiculture.eu/