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Archeomatica presents INSIDDE


INSIDDE is presented in Archeomatica, an Italian magazine focused on technologies in the field of cultural heritage that is distributed four times per year (an online version is available for free too). Not only are the objectives and main goals of the project summarised but also the link to our web page can be found at the bottom. Thanks to Redazione Archeomatica.

Logo Archeomatica, Tecnologie per i Beni Culturali


Archeomatica [1] aims to publish papers of significant and lasting value written by scientists, conservators and archaeologists involved in this field, and to disseminate information about new methodologies and experimental results. Archeomatica will also emphasize fruitful discussion on the best up-to-date scientific applications and the exchange of ideas and findingsrelated to the cultural heritage sector.

See the full article at: http://www.archeomatica.it/documentazione/insidde-terahertz-e-realta-aum...

[1] http://www.archeomatica.it