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Between Sunday 6 and Friday 11 October 2013, the annual event "European Microwave Week" that consists of three conferences - the 43rd European Microwave Conference, the 10th European Radar Conference and the 8th European Microwave INtegrated Circuits Conference - will be held in Nuremberg (Germany).



On the one hand, the INSIDDE project has been invited to participate in the workshop "Terahertz Technologies - from materials to devices and their applications". Dr Samuel ver Hoeye (University of Oviedo) will take part as one of the speakers on Sunday morning. His lecture is entitled "Graphene based devices for a terahertz artwork scanner" [1].

On the other hand, the article "Submillimeter wave 8x1 antenna array with dielectric rods to improve the radiation pattern" has been accepted by the Technical Committee. The main author, René Camblor Díaz (University of Oviedo), will present it on Thursday (oral session from 13:50 to 14:10) [2]. Here is the abstract:

In this work, a submillimeter wave 8×1 element antenna array is presented. The array has been designed to be used in the 250-320 GHz band for imaging applications. The system provides a uniform behavior in the whole frequency range
of interest, keeping the sidelobe level below -10 dB in the array plane. To improve the directivity and the return loss, a set of dielectric rods has been utilized. Experimental results showing the full array behavior are also presented.


[1] http://www.eumweek.com/archive/eumweek2013/2013/docs/workshops_sunday.pdf

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