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Last Friday, the first Review Session took place in Gijón (Spain). The project officer together with two experts positively evaluated the results obtained during 2013 and made some recommendations for the current year. All the partners were present at this important event: Dr David Gómez Plaza (ITMA), Dr Denis Pitzalis (reviewer, UNESCO), Dr Antti Räisänen (reviewer, Aalto University), Ms Nuria Campos Alfaraz (ITMA), Dr Raffaella Fontana (CNR), Dr Marco Barucci (CNR), Mr José María del Águila Gómez (project officer, EC), Ms Marta Flórez Igual (MBBAA), Dr Javier Gutiérrez Meana (coordinator, Treelogic), Dr Carlos Vázquez Antuña (Uniovi), Dr Samuel ver Hoeye (technical manager, Uniovi), Dr Laurens van der Maaten (TU Delft), Dr Fernando Las Heras Andrés (Uniovi), Mr Geert Willems (3DD), Mr Yannick Francken (3DD), Mr Mircho Hristov (RIM-Stara Zagora), Ms Irina Yordanova (RIM-Stara Zagora) and Dr Hamdi Dibeklioglu (TU Delft).



On Thursday, since our colleagues had already arrived in Gijón, we took advantage of this to celebrate a technical meeting on the progress, strategies and new actions.