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INSIDDE in Aruba


The International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA 2014) and the IEEE - APS Topical Conference on Antennas and Propagation in Wireless Communications (IEEE APWC 2014) will be celebrated from Sunday 3rd to Saturday 9th August in Palm Beach (Aruba).


Our colleagues from the University of Oviedo - Ms Andreea Hadarig, Mr René Camblor Díaz and Dr Carlos Vázquez Antuña - will attend this international event to present four papers:


  • "Millimetre wave imaging system for the detection of hidden elements in artwork"
  • "7th order sub-millimeter frequency multiplier based on graphene implemented using a microstrip transition between two rectangular waveguides"
  • "Sub-millimeter-wave imaging system based on frequency scanning antenna"
  • "Frequency scanning slotted waveguide in the sub-millimeter-wave band"